Sue Walther, PT, MTC

As a physical therapist specializing in Orthopedics and Women’s Health for over 30 years, Sue believes patient outcomes are improved with integrating the movement of Pilates with the science of Physical Therapy.   This approach keeps the Pilates work safe and maximizes the benefit. Sue received her Polestar Rehabilitation pilates practitioner certification in March 2013. This program emphasizes core control and optimum postural alignment through six basic principles.  Sue received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Montana and her Manual Therapy Certification from the University of St. Augustine, Florida.  She received her Pilates Certification in 2006 by master teacher Elizabeth Boswell Jones.  Sue has two daughters and is married to Steve Walther, a principal at ALSC Architects. 

Kathy LaMarche

Kathy has been a movement educator for many years, beginning as a physical education and music teacher in public schools. She taught all sports and specialized in women's gymnastics. She was a dance educator for 15 years as the owner, director and instructor of a school of dance and gymnastics. She received her Pilate’s certification and began teaching in 2003; she has been at Studio Pilates since 2006.  Kathy received her Polestar Studio Pilates Practitioner certification in March of 2013.  Her experience includes teaching movement to people from the ages of 2-70.  She incorporates knowledge of movement from many perspectives. Her study of the Pilates work brings all of this together to allow people to move safely and without pain.  Kathy holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Eastern University.

Kate Coomes

Kate Coomes has been a Pilates student since 2009. After a lifetime of running, skiing, and biking, I began to feel stronger and seemed to get “more” out of every activity when pilates was added to the mix. Pleased and intrigued, I decided to deepen my understanding of pilates. I received my Polestar Studio Pilates Practitioner certification in March of 2013. After a career as a product manager in the analytics and information management industry, and then as a stay-at-home mom, I discovered that I love sharing pilates with others and helping them feel stronger and healthier.Kate holds a Bachelor of Business and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Gonzaga University and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Kate is married to Thomas Coomes, MD a board-certified emergency physician. They have two sons that attend Gonzaga Prep.

Liz Gilbert PT, MTC, MHSc

Liz has worked as a physical therapist for over 40 years with most of those years specializing in outpatient 

orthopedics.  She received her Bachelor of Science from the University of Montana and her Certificate in Physical Therapy from the DT Watson School of Physiatrics  which was then affiliated with the University of Pittsburgh. Through the University of St. Augustine in Florida she became board certified in Manual Therapy a specialization within orthopedic Physcial Therapy.   Also from the University of St. Augustine she earned a Masters of Health Science with a focus on clinical orthopedics in Physical Therapy. She received her Polestar Rehabilitation Pilates Practitioner certification in March 2013 and completed the PMA, Pilates Method Alliance, standardized test for Certified Pilates Teacher designation in 2015.  All of these avenues of formal training have augmented and complimented each other in Liz's determination to achieve clinical competency and excellence in Physical therapy. Her work at Studio Pilates and Physical Therapy reflects a culmination of that effort.











Additional Staff:

Stacy Covey, Polestar Pilates Instructor - Bio and picture to come.

Julie Swenson- Polestar Pilates Instructor - Bio and picture to come.