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Pilates for Osteoporosis

This class is designed to promote healthy bones using a spinal extension-based model. We focus on weight bearing through long bones of arm and legs, balance, and flexibility. It is geared toward people with osteoporosis or low bone density. 

Liz Gilbert teaches this class and is made for all skill levels. To reserve your spot, click here. Or call to text Liz 509-413-2564. 

Please fill out this form and bring to class or email to, if you are new to Studio Pilates and Physical Therapy. 

Yoga Mats
  • Discover the best exercise program to improve posture and balance, to allow you to move safely and efficiently

  • Improve balance to help prevent falls

  • Improve flexibility and alignment of spine and skeletal system 

  • Increase strength and muscle mass to better support the bones 

  • Enjoy the benefits of a stronger body

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