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Our Philosophy 


Owner, Sue Walther, is a Physical Therapist whose philosophy is to promote intelligent movement while employing scientific principles. She uses her knowledge as a Physical Therapist to assess movement and her education in Pilates to help clients live a healthier life. 


All of our instructors are Polestar Trained and employ a whole body approach to rehab and fitness.



We offer mat and equipment classes, in private, semi-private and group settings.

We have programs for all age groups and performance levels, including preventative programs for young athletes. All programs include an evaluation of posture and movement to identifying faulty movement patterns.  Suggestions are made to avoid injury, pain and loss of participation.


Other classes include Pilates and Osteoporosis, Align and Stretch, and sport specific classes to improve performance in running, biking, skiing and golf.


Physical Therapy 

Posture misalignment is the hidden culprit in loss of function, musculoskeletal pain and disability. If we create symmetry in our body we efficiently have set it up to accept load, execute power and avoid injury.


Each client is evaluated using a 14 part, full body screening.  Faulty movement patterns are identified and suggestions made so the client can avoid injury, pain and loss of participation.


*We accept most insurance plans.

Client Testimonial

After 20 years of back pain, a spinal fusion, and intractable sciatica, I was referred to Studio Pilates Physical Therapy for help. Mind you I had already tried multiple kinds of physical therapy, including traditional, strain/counterstrain, and aqua therapy. I had little hope, but was desperate enough to try one more.  Thank goodness I did. When I began my therapy I couldn't walk very far,  sit comfortably, sleep in a bed or bend over. My pain was debilitating both physically and mentally.  Today, after my work with Sue Walther, I literally have my life back. I can sleep in a bed, walk for miles, garden, and enjoy long car rides. I even travel comfortably.  My back pain is virtually gone and my sciatica improved. Better yet, she gave me the tools to maintain my back health and strength with my daily home routine. Sue is probably the most capable,  knowledgeable, and intuitive therapist I have worked with, and Pilates is amazing. Please, please give Studio Pilates and Physical Therapy a try.          

--Deb  Brown

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